Academies and Institutes

SMART School Academy

The SMART School Academy engages district and school leadership teams (2 or more members per team) in a year-long, multi-format learning experience in the SMART School Improvement Process. Part of the experience is applying the Process with a real district team. The SMART School Academy components are:

  • 4 sets of two-day trainings (total of 8 days) at the Academy host location
  • Coaching for each team by a Certified SMART School Coach throughout the Academy year
  • Online resource and sharing sites exclusively for the use of Academy participants.

Registration is now open for the 2021-22 SMART School Academy in Illinois.

SMART Student Process

Once your district team has learned the SMART School Improvement Process, the next step is to advance the Process to the teacher and student levels. The SMART Student Process is designed to help teacher teams develop the knowledge and skills needed to do so, addressing School and Student Learning Objectives, common formative assessments, and engaging students in their own goal-directed learning.

Please contact Kiett Takkunen, Director of Opportunities, for more information about all these offerings: or 608-628-2797

Some of the Learner Outcomes for the Academies

SMART School Academy graduates will be able to:

  • Determine a school’s Greatest Area of Need (GAN)
  • Write a SMART School Improvement goal
  • Use SMART Targets to monitor progress
  • Lead the SMART School Improvement Process
  • Coach teams and individuals in the use of SMART methods and tools
  • Run effective meetings
  • Utilize their new skills in data analysis, collaboration, and coaching

Those trained in the SMART Student Process will be able to:

  • Implement the SMART Student Process in their schools
  • Utilize standards and assessments to identify essential SLOs
  • Translate SLOs into student-friendly terms
  • Align student learning plans with unit goals and SLOs
  • Engage students in managing their own goal-directed learning
  • Design and use common formative assessments tied to the SLOs
  • Utilize zone analyses to organize individual and classroom performance


  • I found the Academy to be well worth the time and expense. The presenters were all great and the future networking and resources developed with other participants and presenters is invaluable. Well done!
  • Great tools and materials that allowed participants to feel adequately prepared to carry out the work back in the district.
  • It was a great experience. I hated to see it end!

~ Academy graduates and new Certified SMART Coaches