SMART Learning Systems is . . .

. . . a virtual company, headquartered in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. The company was founded by Anne Conzemius for the purpose of working with districts, schools and teams, and other organizations, in pursuit of our mission:

Building a legacy of student-centered, goal-directed learning.

Our collaborative work is intended to create fully-aligned organizations that achieve our vision:

All students achieving their goals

Toward that end we join together as a team, with a shared commitment to the things we value:

    • Integrity
    • Relationships
    • Collaboration
    • Accountability
    • Practicality
    • Continuous improvement

Our direction is guided by the word SERVE, an acronym for our strategic priorities:

    • Sustainable practices
    • Efficient systems and processes
    • Research and impact
    • Value for our clients
    • Economic stability


The SMART Learning Systems logo


Our logo reflects the importance to our work of the 5 steps in each of the SMART Processes. The effect is 3-dimensional because the steps occur over time in the multi-dimensional world of working school systems. The S in SMART is squared because we believe that SMART Goals should be both Specific and Strategic. Our company name and logo include the words Learning Systems to reflect the importance we place on fully aligned systems if we are to achieve the greatest potential impact on adult and student learning.

Our Team

Trainers & coaches