Building Shared Responsibility for Student Learning

Our classic book on building shared responsibility

by Anne Conzemius & Jan O’Neill

A practical framework for building leadership capacity and shared responsibility within schools.

In our first book, published in 2001 by ASCD (the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development), Anne and Jan present a practical framework for building shared responsibility within schools and school systems. The framework builds leadership capacity in the system by addressing three critical components:

    • Focus
    • Reflection
    • Collaboration

Building shared responsibility for student learning is an ongoing activity – a journey. This research-based book provides a map for the journey.

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This is a smart, practical, timely, and well-written book. ~ Mike Schmoker


A motherlode of practical, well-thought out, well-researched, and well-written processes for how to coalesce a community around what matters most: students. ~ Karen M. Dyer, Ed.D.