More Than a SMART Goal

Staying Focused on Student Learning

by Anne Conzemius & Terry Morganti-Fisher

The SMART Goal Process and systemic improvement

More Than a SMART Goal – Staying Focused on Student Learning was published in 2012 by Solution Tree Press. Having a goal is only one part of being SMART about school improvement, as Anne and Terry reveal as they show how to use the SMART Goal Process to effect real change. In their chapter on the nature of systems improvement, the authors identify five guidelines for improvement to set the tone for the book.

Anne and Terry introduce our SMART Measurement System (S.M.S.) in Chapter 5. The S.M.S. is an evaluation mechanism that embodies the SMART Process to look at learning results, strategic focus of the organization, and development of leadership capacity.

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This book is exactly what is needed by educators as they focus on student learning.

~ Geri L. Parscale