Extraordinary times call for teams to be extraordinary.

Throughout the education world, teams that would normally be meeting face-to-face are now meeting virtually. Fortunately, platforms for online meetings and real-time collaboration applications are well-developed and (normally) easily accessible.

It might be more challenging for teams, particularly those not at ease with virtual meetings, to work effectively using the available technology. To support effective teamwork in this environment, we’ve brought together a number of our tools and resources. We invite you to download and share any of the materials below.

We are adding solutions to this list ongoing, to reflect what we are hearing from you regarding the challenges you face as a team and the help you would like to see from us. Don’t hesitate to let us know. Reach out to any member of our team, including Kiett Takkunen via 608-628-2797 or ktakkunen@ smartlearningsystems.com.